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Take a Hike- Get Creative!

Try this!!

Unplugging, taking a break from tech / job hassles can help your mood, and outlook, but did you know it can boost your creativity??

– you’ll be a better problem-solver

– time in nature helps your cognition

– and happy time in nature makes you […]

Overloaded and Out of Energy

It happens, and in our culture many employers reward the uber-busy. It is commonplace to brag about getting no sleep, not being able to exercise or go to a doctor’s appointment. But what are you really saying? I am too busy to take care of myself. I am too busy to be creative. (because that […]

TED Talks – a Collection of Inspired Talks

There is such a diversity of ideas and thought-provoking ideas. These short youTubes will knock your socks off! (Click on the name to go to the YouTube link.)

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shape who you are Body language affects how other people see us. Changing to a powerful body posture can change your performance, […]

Author Ed Catmull

Author Ed Catmull Ed Catmull will discuss his new book, “Creativity, Inc.,” in which he reveals some of the secrets of Pixar’s success and describes his own approach to inspiring excellence in a large organization over the long term.

Please register on website. May 8, 7-8:30 p.m. Free. Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., […]


Who is she? Have you seen the spontaneous, colorful saying, posters, cards and books that grab your attention. That’s SARK. Her sayings make me smile AND these notes lead to transformation into happiness, creativity and living the life you are looking for….. it’ s worth a try! Take a look at WINS:


JUMP Around!!

Sitting is a killer, GET UP AND MOVING!! The simple act of WALKING boosts your metabolism, helps you get ready for the next task, jump starts your creativity. Take your team on a “walking meeting”, schedule a walk to the farmer’s market during lunch, get outside and start energizing.

INC. has a great article with […]

Boost your Creativity

These simple actions will help unleash your mind. This is especially useful if you are a writer or programmer and you are “stuck”. You know what I mean. The solutions won’t come to you…. Try my Top Five:

Take a 20 minute walk (don’t take your cell phone / PDA ) Clear everything off your […]

Who Are You?

Is it time for a little introspection? Do you need to figure some things out? WHY? With so many things in the economy, job market, social network, technology changing, it is a good time to take a look at YOU!

Are you doing the job you want? Could you be more productive with a different […]