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Leadership – From a Team

Every once in awhile, I’ll be working on a project that seems “out of whack”. It seems difficult – i.e., not enough participation or edgy questions that silence the room. Hearing “crickets” (=no response) always makes me wonder if people care or are paying attention. Making decisions by myself while on a team goes against […]

Giving Feedback

Speak up! Well, it isn’t always that easy, right?! I have been a part of so many consumer panels, idea banks, QA sessions, and Team member surveys it makes my head spin. I continue to join in, because my comments might make a difference. So I am always honest on exit interviews (it can be […]


Do you know what people / team members / vendors THINK about you as a company / Team / individual???? ASK.

Are you sought after? Relevant? or… Boring? You want to know if you are making the right impression – you must check in. For your team members check on what the know about you […]