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Oakland Art Walk — first Fridays

Art walks are great fun. Check this one out – there are food trucks, music, dancing, galleries are open, there is wine / beer tasting for a small charge. It is a great time all around. It changes every month…. you can sign up to be a sponsor, to volunteer or to perform! Meet your […]


“Blue Monday”—typically the third Monday in January—as being the most depressing day of the year might not be scientifically proven, let’s face it: January and February can be a drag. Winter stretches ahead for weeks and, in many places, it’s so cold you don’t want to go outside.

What can you do?

Involve all […]

Playtime, Re-Create, De-Stress

By Arleen Fitzgerald, L.I.C.S.W.

You work hard. But, how are you at relaxing? It should be easy, right?

When we’re busy, it can be tough to unwind. We’d like to and hope to … when we get around to it. But, relaxation and recreation are more than wants — or wishes. They’re essentials for your […]