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Monthly Celebrations for December

Need a theme for a party at work? These are fun. No Budget? Make an event for zero dollars!

For December Days — look at all the potential for a more fun meeting, just pick a day, think of a theme.

There are special acknowledgements in each month, many more than are listed here… these […]

Handling Holiday Stress

This article provides tips for alleviating holiday-related tension before the pressures of the season become too difficult to manage.

Most people have so much “stuff” and they have everything they NEED. One of my favorite holiday stress-busters, is to make your holidays the time to GIVE. Volunteer at a food pantry, help care […]

Gifts- corporate, team amd family

There are many occasions that we want to celebrate. Retirement! Promotion! An addition to the family – baby or furry friend! Celebrations are great for your work friends. You can pick something fun and meaningful.

While you are carefully choosing gifts this year, please consider health.

Focus on giving EXPERIENCE gifts. Lunch with a friend, […]

Love your Momma! Buy her a Geeky Gift!

Moms are awesome. The least we can do to show gratitude is to shower them with love and a couple of cool gifts. Plus, she brought you into this world and can take you out.

Geeky Moms are sometimes forgotten. How Sad! Or maybe you have already given her two or three decorative mouse pads […]