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Beat Procrastination

As an entrepreneur, you often have to motivate yourself. There is no irate boss… unless it is you. Consider using happiness to turn the blahs around and finish your to-do list. 

Get that job done!

1. List your successes You know that proud, excited, and relieved feeling when you’ve achieved something? To […]

My Favorite Blog Posts

Here are some links to the information that really connects with me, it is a variety of things that can make your work life better. I’d also recommend the exercise blogs. There is alot of good information, for example, if you type MOVE into the search tool on this blog you’ll come up with several […]

Many Ways to Say Thanks!

It is time to take a moment to say thanks.

Maybe you could take a month to say thanks, or you could keep saying thanks everyday! Gratitude is a gift to your own soul. HOW to start?

There are many ways, since I have a few favorite places to volunteer I will list […]

Givng Thanks & Diversity

This is the link to the 11 page 8th annual America’s Table created by Temple Jeremiah which celebrates diversity and the important goal that EVERYONE regardless of background have a place at the table. It is inspirational, easy to read, and its comic book style makes it something to share with all ages.


Having a customer say Thank you is always nice. When the thanks is accomponied by exactly what was so great – – then it is more meaningful. Saying THANKS is the quickest easiest way to encourage people, so don’t be stingy, say: “Thanks for helping me finish this project on time.” or “Thanks for coming […]