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“Blue Monday”—typically the third Monday in January—as being the most depressing day of the year might not be scientifically proven, let’s face it: January and February can be a drag. Winter stretches ahead for weeks and, in many places, it’s so cold you don’t want to go outside.

What can you do?

Involve all […]

5 steps to more JOY!

In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag. — W.H. Auden What’s your joyful noise? A whisper of gratitude for a stunning sunset? A belly laugh at a child’s sweet silliness? A “Yes!” for a challenge mastered?

No matter how you express it, you deserve and need joy […]

I Choose To Be Happy, Lizzie Velasquez

This powerful message is given by Lizzie on kindness, acceptance and staying true to yourself. She speaks about bullying and has been called many names, among them “The World’s Ugliest Women”. She has a nutritional disorder that stops her from gaining weight, so she looks different, different enough that she has experienced cruelty first hand. […]

Up with Happiness!

Personally, I plan at least some happiness everyday. Some days are challenging, but I know what to do, a walk always works, an ice cream no matter how small or low-fat always works. What is your happiness guarantee? I bet you have one. Saying thank you and volunteering at a worthwhile cause also works for […]

YOU Can Get Some … Satisfaction!

Happy… Estatic…So so…. what do you think about what you DO? When you have high levels of job satisfaction, you’ll perform better and in turn can better contribute to your company. Without job satisfaction, you’ll risk career opportunities through low motivation and/or performance and the organization stands to lose due to turnover and low productivity.


Happiness and Social Networks

I thought you would LOVE this article about happiness and social networks and how the people around you can influence degrees of happiness. …. Happiness can spread in social networks just like the common cold.

We all know which one we’d rather have!! Check it out… it will make you smile!