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Healthy Hints from our Group

Our group was trying to figure out a way to empower health. Lots of groups have done this…. sometimes it is a contest:

MOST STEPS PER WEEK (using a fitbit or mapping a particular walk circuit). We jointed the NO BARRIERS GROUP Drinking the most water per week Losing the most weight Improving your own […]

Why would you run?

Lindsay Holmes writes on running….

1. Running makes you happier.

One word: Endorphins. Research has shown that exercise is a proven mood booster. When you’re active, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that perk up your attitude and make you happier post-workout. In other words, it’s a pretty healthy remedy for a bad day.

2. It […]

Playtime, Re-Create, De-Stress

By Arleen Fitzgerald, L.I.C.S.W.

You work hard. But, how are you at relaxing? It should be easy, right?

When we’re busy, it can be tough to unwind. We’d like to and hope to … when we get around to it. But, relaxation and recreation are more than wants — or wishes. They’re essentials for your […]

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave Still a Pipe Dream?

According to the United States Department of Labor, illness-related work absences in January, 2013 were higher than they have been since 2008. Close to 2.9 million full-time workers reduced their hours to those of a part-time worker owing to medical appointments, illness or injuries, while another 1.2 million […]

Winter of Wellness-Shiva Rea

A Yoga Hero!

Shiva Rea explores Aligning with the Pulse of Life to create heightened states of consciousness and wellness. Shiva led us through a simple and profound practice to come back into connection and alignment with our internal rhythms. You could feel the deep shift into balance, peace, focus and ease on […]

Desperate Times

You didn’t save enough, you’re out of a job, money, energy and looking for a way to get through the next few months. Stop blaming yourself. Remove “should have,” “would have” and “could have” from your vocabulary. You can get stern with yourself later. In fact, after you have a job you can even do […]