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Where is the Exit?

People leaving? in droves? or just a Trickle?

Why leave? not engaged, not having fun, not challenged, disrespected, bored, new industry calls, no innovation, more money, next step, who needs THIS job?

I once worked in a job which made the goal very clear! In the hiring contract said…. “IF you are not having fun, […]

Intel Capital puts $125M “Diversity” Fund


Intel Capital announced the Intel Capital Diversity Fund – the largest of its kind – to invest $125 million in businesses led by women and underrepresented minorities. The fund launches with investments in four companies – Brit + Co*, CareCloud*, Mark One*, and Venafi* – across a wide spectrum of industries, including the […]

Zappos, a new twist on Hiring

Is it really true? Is it working? I wonder if you get a type of job-seeker that can navigate social media or just play games better than their peers. I admire Zappos as a company with vision, core values, character and community involvement. I wonder how this is working out!?

On-line shoe retailer, Zappos, just […]

Offer Something Helpful

Hats off to MOO.com! They are a printing service …. an industry where competition is stiff…. and innovation is REQUIRED. They do a great job with their core service, making it easy for customers to envision what they want. They are always improving and sending notes to customers about related things they might need to […]

Finding the Right People

I am inspired, I love what I do. How do I surround myself with inspired people too? Ask your interviewee what MATTERS to them, While you are at it, ask your team What Matters as well. You’ll often be surprised, you will definitely learn more about each person.

Here is a NY Times article, an […]

Learn from Google!

A lot has happened in our work force. If you work in technology, you may wake up every morning and say, “Thank God I have a job” . Many do, I do. But we are in charge of our own boat. Look at this excerpt from the Silicon Valley Web Guild posting – What does […]