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Thanksgiving – Let’s be GRATEFUL!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Being grateful adds to our happiness. It’s true. Count your blessings, you’ll feel better. List the 5 BEST things in your day, it will bring a smile to your face.

And laugh when you think that the strict, hardworking Puritans are credited with the most gluttonous holiday in America! Volunteer for others […]

Amazing April – time for an Event?!

April Days to Remember!

The “big deals” this month are April Fools (watch out) and Earth Day. Both have great opportunities for Employee Recognition, event planning and fun.

Of course, April Fools can be a disaster, pranks don’t always come out right. Be prepared for silliness and surprises, make some of your own! What is […]

Be Inspired – Follow your Passion with Stories and Interviews

One of our team members, has a passion for history. Our company has recognized him for his important research and stories on the Buffalo soldiers. As a boy growing up, Joe didn’t know about these important contributions of men (and women!) as African American soldiers in the Civil War. They went on to be soldiers […]

Your Company Town

Does your company have a home base city or a special bit of history? Help your employees know. Most companies that I work for have a home base of either San Francisco or Santa Clara. It is surprising how few employees know where they are!

It is a fun out to explore your ‘hood. We […]

Accomplishments over the decades

There is so much to learn about. If you work with curious people, a TRIVIA question is a great way to get everyone involved in an impending meeting. There are “Days to Remember for each month of the year on this site, just type in the month you want in the search bar and voila! […]

Wells Fargo History – Pony Express

Wells Fargo revels in its history, it is part of everything they do. It is a point of pride for the team members and it is a starting point for community involvement. From plush Pony toys to coffee mugs with graphical stage coach designs, they use branding and visual displays to reinforce the long proud […]

Knowing the Company you Work For!

I don’t know much about history. But I recommend learning the history of the company you WORK FOR. Why? It helps you understand goals and driving principles. We have so many local companies with amazing history! Hewlett Packard, Google, Apple, Silicon Graphics, NASA, Cisco, IBM, Ampex, Facebook and so many more.

Take a look […]