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Old Times, History and fun in October!

3rd Quarter has just ended. What do you want to celebrate?

It is snowing in the mountains. Or maybe, not yet. Here are some interesting tidbits, fun facts and information about dates in October. You can plan a team event around these days, or have a meeting with a theme. October 1: Born 1671 – […]

Funky Day?

What can you do? Here are some practical solutions.

Excerpt from a great article by Angie Morgan, Lead Star Partner.

Small Things:

Clean your desk. I know, I know – no one needs another mother. But a cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind. Sometimes all you need to be productive and positive is a clean, […]

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, the love and gratitude is pouring out all over, from friend to friend, on FB, in emails, people talking about HOW you made them feel, HOW you changed their life, so many millions will keep your words alive!

Maya Angelou, Words of Wisdom.

Poet Maya Angelou, author of ‘I Know Why the Caged […]

Maya Angelou and Words of Wisdom

Our days are often very crowded with “must dos” and endless tasks. However, it can be inspirational to share a quote at a team building event or simply during a meeting. Here are some great ones to ponder and share. In April, Maya Angelou was interviewed by Oprah on her 70+ birthday.. She is an […]