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Check out this newsletter! Web Strategy by Jeremiah! It has long-been a “go-to” source of great local information on tech, innovation and crowd sourcing for me!

Business Opportunities and Use Cases As VR/AR/MR have permeated business environments, leaders are recognizing that opportunities reach beyond video gaming and novelty. VR/AR/MR have a place in every industry, […]

What Makes Silicon Valley: a Recipe

From a great newsletter! Get your own at Web Strategy by Jeremiah.


A culture that embraces failure. Only 5% of startups win, but they win big, embracing the other 95% required for persistent innovation. Ample education in technology & entrepreneurship. Successful tech regions have multiple colleges and a culture of continual learning. Plentiful Venture […]

Contractor, Employee….Gig, Career

There are so many ways to work temp, or on-call or freelance, almost as many words to describe what kind of work you want – job-share, remote, on-site….. It affects benefits, customer service, consistent products, pay rate and fairness.

In past months, there’s been increasing pressure to shift the relationship from contractors to employees. There […]

Learning in the Collaborative Economy

This is a great email on our collaborative economies, networks and social media. Jeremiah Owyang continually has the insights and understanding to help us want to get involved and learn more! Check out his website here.

MAKE SURE to take a look at the table of various groups, the first one on Learning is […]

Online Reputation and Career Management

This is an excerpt from an insightful blog / newsletter that is called Web Strategy by Jeremiah [jeremiah_owyang@yahoo.com]

In the digital world, expect your clients, new boss, and recruiters to review your online footprint. In fact, a Microsoft study “showed that 70 percent of hiring managers have rejected candidates because of what they […]