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Mere Polls are Passé, Big Data is the Answer

Passé! Do you really want to know what your customers think? Do you want to know how voters will vote? You can rely on age old check-out data at the register. You can rely on exit poll data. But if you really want to do some predictive analysis and understand WHY something happens, take a […]

Attributes of a Great Manager

Have you had a GREAT manager? What are your favorite qualities? Many companies have certificates and online areas to post your feelings about your managers. If there is such a thing, then make sure to use it. […]


Do you know what people / team members / vendors THINK about you as a company / Team / individual???? ASK.

Are you sought after? Relevant? or… Boring? You want to know if you are making the right impression – you must check in. For your team members check on what the know about you […]