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Funky Day?

What can you do? Here are some practical solutions.

Excerpt from a great article by Angie Morgan, Lead Star Partner.

Small Things:

Clean your desk. I know, I know – no one needs another mother. But a cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind. Sometimes all you need to be productive and positive is a clean, […]

TED: The Pecking Order

In her TED talk, “Forget the Pecking Order at Work,” Margaret Heffernan talks about the research of William Muir, an evolutionary biologist at Purdue. He studied egg laying productivity using two teams of chickens. One team was comprised of “super chickens” (the MVP’s) and the other was a group of average chickens. Muir studied these […]

JUMP Around!!

Sitting is a killer, GET UP AND MOVING!! The simple act of WALKING boosts your metabolism, helps you get ready for the next task, jump starts your creativity. Take your team on a “walking meeting”, schedule a walk to the farmer’s market during lunch, get outside and start energizing.

INC. has a great article with […]

YOU Can Get Some … Satisfaction!

Happy… Estatic…So so…. what do you think about what you DO? When you have high levels of job satisfaction, you’ll perform better and in turn can better contribute to your company. Without job satisfaction, you’ll risk career opportunities through low motivation and/or performance and the organization stands to lose due to turnover and low productivity.


Implementing a ROWE

ROWE = Results Oriented Work Environment.

Imagine that! The basic idea is that employees are trusted to do the right thing. They are treated as adults and are free to make their own choices about how, when, where the assigned work is done. Trusting employees leads to satisfaction and higher productivity. You must also make […]