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Public Speaking – and Doing it Well!

Whether you are speaking to a point in a meeting or presenting a critical project to your team, you DO want to get your message across. Just being LOUD won’t work.

You want to speak to gain consensus, or educate

or as a call to action, at a […]

Language and Learning: Toastmasters

I belong to a local Toastmasters group. This organization has many functions: first of all- skill-based training for better communication, increasing language literacy, learning to speak extemporaneously in a group, but it is most known for helping people overcome the anxiety associated with Public Speaking. We do learn so much more…. here is a beautiful […]

Speak your Mind – Talking so that People want to Listen

Talking with Meaning

The first step: Create content that is “speakable”. Know what it says, and be able to understand the message. Speak as if you are talking to one person, add inflection and nuance through your voice. Keep your tone appropriate to the message. Read it through BEFORE you read it to a group.


Get Control of your Communication

A few easy steps and a few references with additional coaching:

If you tend to ramble, make an outline. When you are almost finished go through and delete 30%. Have a goal, a focus for what you want to say and what you want the listener to retain. If you have writer’s block, and […]

Public Speaking: Honor Your Fear, Speak Up!

If you have just taken on a job that requires you to speak before a crowd or make a presentation before a group of peers, and you have always suffered from stage fright, fear not; in this blog post we offer up a few tips on how to rise to the challenge and meet […]

How to get a Standing Ovation!

Speaking in public?Here are some tips from a master that was determined to learn the “secret”. Author: Guy Kawasaki. You can follow him on twitter (@GuyKawasaki) where he posts the most and best in 140 characters or less!

When I started public speaking in about 1986, I was deathly afraid of public speaking—for one thing, […]