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Old Times, History and fun in October!

3rd Quarter has just ended. What do you want to celebrate?

It is snowing in the mountains. Or maybe, not yet. Here are some interesting tidbits, fun facts and information about dates in October. You can plan a team event around these days, or have a meeting with a theme. October 1: Born 1671 – […]

Getting Great Recommendations on Linked In

It’s good to have recommendations for your work on Linked In:

First of all, the recommendations highlight skill sets that are a priority for the company or contract. These skills may not be what you have listed so they add a new dimension to your work persona. You are not bragging, someone else is […]

November Themes

November already!!?…. we are rapidly heading toward year end…. time for some recognition of GREAT projects, stellar efforts and completion of tasks!!

Month Long Celebrations

Peanut Butter Lover’s Month Diabetes Month National Raisin Bread Month Good Nutrition Month International Drum Month

This is a great time to schedule a team builder event, or something with […]

Seminar from the BEST!!

Cindy Ventrice is hosting a Seminar. If you know her or her books, you KNOW this will be worthwhile!! Title: “Designing and Implementing A Recognition Program That Works” Dates: October 5, 12, 19, and 26, as well as November 2 and 16. We meet at 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 Eastern (GMT -7) for one hour. For […]

Informal Recognition

Maybe your company has a great recogntion program … but you’d like something a little different!

Here are some suggestions that may help: Informal recognition can be a great help in recognizing team efforts especially when you are a blended team of of new and old team members. This is especially helpful during a merger […]

Recognition with Flowers!

In our work group, we recognize special occasions with flowers, especially the birth of a child. The cost is about $80 to send a nice bouquet these days, but there are few things that can represent the well wishes of a team better.

I have found a florist that I like. They are responsive and […]

Employee Recognition

How do you make Work a Inspirational Place and not a four letter word??

These are tough times to be a Manager – you are in charge of making your workplace a inspired place for your team – someplace that they are ready to “go above and beyond” your expectations. However, the economy, job news, […]