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TED: The Pecking Order

In her TED talk, “Forget the Pecking Order at Work,” Margaret Heffernan talks about the research of William Muir, an evolutionary biologist at Purdue. He studied egg laying productivity using two teams of chickens. One team was comprised of “super chickens” (the MVP’s) and the other was a group of average chickens. Muir studied these […]

Work – Life Balance

Sometimes it happens, that you lose your BALANCE… you work so much that you have no social life, or you have kids, commitments, other “attention-grabbers” that NEED so much of your time, you don’t ever do anything for yourself.

In order to be the best that you can be at work, at home, and stay […]

Tips for Strengthening Work Relationships

Here are some simple steps and techniques you can adopt that will make a huge difference in encouraging and strengthening relationships among your work team: Develop friendships. Friendships at work create better-engaged teams and better outcomes for our customers. Make connections. Provide opportunities for your team members to share their “stories.” Create “teams” that volunteer, […]

First-Time Leader

How to be a leader? There are guides that can help you put your best foot forward. The BRAVE model is part of the strategy outlined in the business book, First-Time Leader by George B. Bradt and Gillian Davis. The book centers around the BRAVE leadership model which stands for Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and […]

John Gray Seminar

I attended this recent seminar – Wow! He covers so many topics and we were lucky to be able to talk to him, ask questions and really learn the deeper answers to our questions on relationships. I would encourage anyone to attend because he discusses so much and his discussions on stress were especially enlightening!