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Social Media Pitfalls

Don’t throw your company in the MUD by using social media inappropriately.

Understand the hashtags you use AND their history! If something you post goes astray and is linked to unfavorable posts, make a sincere apology. If there are threats, ugly language or insults on a thread of posts, REMOVE THE POSTS. Don’t wait. Monitor […]

Personal Branding – New Year’s Resolution

Who wants you? What is your plan???Can you?meet your goals, build your network and have a great 2016? Well of course.? (hint: it takes planning)

What do YOU WANT?Start with your goals, make them specific, attainable, with due dates.

HOW will you get there? Make a step by step analysis of what each […]

TED Talks – a Collection of Inspired Talks

There is such a diversity of ideas and thought-provoking ideas. These short youTubes will knock your socks off! (Click on the name to go to the YouTube link.)

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shape who you are Body language affects how other people see us. Changing to a powerful body posture can change your performance, […]

Emoticons on FB

Will you do ANYTHING to communicate better? Try social media, twitter, and more? If you really want to get the WORD out, you will be involved in FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Imagine that! That is where your audience is…. so try it out.

This legend of emoticons, may make it more fun! Just […]

Doing What You Love & Unemployed Life

Imagine if…. you couldn’t do what you love. Many of us have found the right career, the perfect position or the Best Team. Sometimes layoffs and downsizing mean that you don’t get to do what you love. The book, Unemployed Life is about this process of getting back your life, job, hope.

Indiegogo is working […]

Google Search Terms, Trends and Estately Tool

The most used search terms by state?


We at Inspired Employee thought you’d want to know, because it’s funny and because this technology is used to predict behavior. I wonder just what this says to HR and Statisticians!?! You might use these tools for business related purposes in your company.

Just in […]

Building a Virtual Team

MANAGERS! How do you get to know your team when you are never face to face and in different time zones too? It’s a question more managers ask as their team is spread all over the world and on-site meetings are not even in the budget for this quarter. Here are a couple of suggestions […]

Customer Satisfaction – Cool Tools

Great customer support is important, but it can also be time-consuming and costly. Get Satisfaction aims to help by leveraging the strength of your user community and cutting down on repetitive support costs.

Get Satisfaction provides a forum where your customers can get answers to questions, solutions to problems, and submit feature and new product […]

Big Data and the World

Seems to me we should always strive to convert data into information. It matters not, that we are barraged by data, we must still be selective.

However, this is an interesting article that is trending now, on BIG DATA and what we can learn it comes from Linked In which is a trusted source and […]

WHY Social Media?

Connection, Collaboration, getting to your team members, getting the word out…… Get on board! This youtube says it better than I can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8

There are several groups that can help you learn.