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Stress is NO JOKE!

This is from Deepak Chopra MD:

I don’t want to open the vast discussion of stress that now exists, except to make two limited points.

Stress isn’t good for you. The […]

Handling Holiday Stress

This article provides tips for alleviating holiday-related tension before the pressures of the season become too difficult to manage.

Most people have so much “stuff” and they have everything they NEED. One of my favorite holiday stress-busters, is to make your holidays the time to GIVE. Volunteer at a food pantry, help care […]

Resiliency can be a learned skill

It’s worth it to tone down your stress and be more ready for the challenges that occur every day. And you can work on it with your TEAM!!

The good news: Resiliency can be a learned skill, not just a personality trait. You can develop the ability to bounce back — and cope with […]

The End of Stress

Don Joseph Goewey has come up with a recipe for “solving stress.” It calls for equal parts neuroscience, psychology, and common sense.

The Stanford University executive-turned-corporate trainer blends those ingredients in his book, The End of Stress, which boldly declares “you can switch your brain’s autopilot from habitual stress and anxiety to a mindset that […]

What? Are You an Imposter?

It happens to people that you or I might look at and say Wow – they make so many great contributions…. but they feel like they don’t fit in.

Yes, like imposters.

It can happen for many reasons, feeling socially limited, not being part of the same community, not having the income, feeling like […]

Overloaded and Out of Energy

It happens, and in our culture many employers reward the uber-busy. It is commonplace to brag about getting no sleep, not being able to exercise or go to a doctor’s appointment. But what are you really saying? I am too busy to take care of myself. I am too busy to be creative. (because that […]

Staying Healthy, Laughter is not enough

We’ve talked about keeping a “good outlook” and building your team’s good attitude and lowering stress. It’s not enough!

Currently, more than 133 million Americans, or 45% of the population, have at least one chronic condition, and 26% have multiple chronic conditions. Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., […]

An Upbeat Class!

A new class called ‘Positive psychology’ is to be offered at Gunn High School in Palo Alto. What a good choice! As with any other high school campus the news and student outlook is not always great. There have been problems, suicides, pain, hurt and over-scheduled stressed-out kids in the school. This seems like the […]

JUMP Around!!

Sitting is a killer, GET UP AND MOVING!! The simple act of WALKING boosts your metabolism, helps you get ready for the next task, jump starts your creativity. Take your team on a “walking meeting”, schedule a walk to the farmer’s market during lunch, get outside and start energizing.

INC. has a great article with […]

YOU Can Get Some … Satisfaction!

Happy… Estatic…So so…. what do you think about what you DO? When you have high levels of job satisfaction, you’ll perform better and in turn can better contribute to your company. Without job satisfaction, you’ll risk career opportunities through low motivation and/or performance and the organization stands to lose due to turnover and low productivity.