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Beat Procrastination

As an entrepreneur, you often have to motivate yourself. There is no irate boss… unless it is you. Consider using happiness to turn the blahs around and finish your to-do list. 

Get that job done!

1. List your successes You know that proud, excited, and relieved feeling when you’ve achieved something? To […]

Personal Branding – New Year’s Resolution

Who wants you? What is your plan???Can you?meet your goals, build your network and have a great 2016? Well of course.? (hint: it takes planning)

What do YOU WANT?Start with your goals, make them specific, attainable, with due dates.

HOW will you get there? Make a step by step analysis of what each […]

Happy Employees = Organization Success

This is a VERY Interesting article on happiness, productivity and employee outcomes.

One’s happiness might seem like a personal subject, but a Kansas State University researcher says employers should be concerned about the well-being of their employees because it could be the underlying factor to […]