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National Honey Bee Day: 5 easy things you can do to help bees

Bees are hard workers and great team players!! Your work group would like to know more about them! And you could have an interesting talk about teamwork and best practices! August 17 is National Honey Bee Day!

It’s a day to celebrate bees and bring together beekeepers and bee enthusiasts of all backgrounds […]

Days of Summer – Here is AUGUST


There are many opportunities for team building this month. Pick a day and use it as a theme for a meeting, get together, or event. Make sure to honor the 15th!

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Parenting Skills You Use at WORK

Conflict resoluntion, setting goals & priorities, project management, managing personalities, patience: There are a lot of ways parenting prepares you to succeed at work. You are a MASTER at managing competing interests! I have known some employers that would rather have a entire work group of 25 year old single folks… but why? Look at […]

More Leadership Quotes from our Team

This is an easy and fun way to involve your team and learn more about what is important to them. We all contribute our favorite quotes to a shared internal site. The quotes are read and “liked” by our team. The name / email of the contributor is available for a quick note or you […]

Great New Team Building Book

Cindy Ventrice has so much great information; she is a recognition dynamo. You’ll want to enjoy her new book! This book is a quick read and packed with the best hints and tips – it would be valuable for your entire team.

Evaluate your overall consistency and balance in offering recognition. Are there certain times […]

NO MONEY for Recognition?


One of our awesome managers had a Wii party and the team members all bowled. He couldn’t get any budget for a dinner out or a fancy celebration. He wondered what could he do for his amazing team at year end?

This Nintendo Wii party was a great team building. Several people had […]