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Old Times, History and fun in October!

3rd Quarter has just ended. What do you want to celebrate?

It is snowing in the mountains. Or maybe, not yet. Here are some interesting tidbits, fun facts and information about dates in October. You can plan a team event around these days, or have a meeting with a theme. October 1: Born 1671 – […]

Build your Team Spirit and Stamina with Recognition

Leadership Moments is published by a fantastic group LEAD STAR – they walk the talk. They Lead, Train, and Discuss New Ideas, Leadership AND Best Practices.

When was the last time you prepared for a conversation? My guess is that it was most likely a difficult one. Are you just as intentional when planning a […]

My Favorite Blog Posts

Here are some links to the information that really connects with me, it is a variety of things that can make your work life better. I’d also recommend the exercise blogs. There is alot of good information, for example, if you type MOVE into the search tool on this blog you’ll come up with several […]

Many Ways to Say Thanks!

It is time to take a moment to say thanks.

Maybe you could take a month to say thanks, or you could keep saying thanks everyday! Gratitude is a gift to your own soul. HOW to start?

There are many ways, since I have a few favorite places to volunteer I will list […]

Did you say Thank YOU today?

Congratulations, praise, recognition… they are like Food! We work harder, enjoy work more, and feel proud of our efforts if our groups and customers notice. With that in mind, did YOU say Thank YOU to someone who made a difference? Make sure your thank you is specific, sincere, clear, and timely. It means more that […]