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Reputation is EVERYTHING

Wells Fargo holds place 100, almost falling off the list in Barron’s magazine’s 2017 ranking of the world’s “100 Most Respected Companies,” which was published June 3. Alphabet (parent company Google) came in first.

Building trust and delivering great customer service are company tenets, but good intentions are not enough in the eyes of the […]

Optimism Quotient – Construction industry

This is part of a document that Wells Fargo publishes based on trends in construction. Naming and focus along with great graphics tell the story. There are many books to guide you, Presentation Zen is a good one, it explores graphics, layout and audience responses. The best advice is stick to a theme (colors, font, […]

Do you WANT to be a Googler? Or Not!

Just in case, you always wanted to join the ranks of GOOGLE and swill the free drinks, work hard – really hard, in a wildly competitive environment…. you really should read this article, by J.T. O’Donnell.

It’s posted on LinkedIn and gives a great perspective on the HOT COMPANY dream world. Research is the […]

Google Search Terms, Trends and Estately Tool

The most used search terms by state?


We at Inspired Employee thought you’d want to know, because it’s funny and because this technology is used to predict behavior. I wonder just what this says to HR and Statisticians!?! You might use these tools for business related purposes in your company.

Just in […]

Trends for Leaders

I wanted to promote a great article on leadership trends for 2010. The four mentioned trends are:

Social Media Using “more with less” philosophy for innovation People are our most Important Resource Let your people do their JOB

In particular, there is a discussion of recognition:

“Saying people are valuable and showing they’re […]