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Stress is NO JOKE!

This is from Deepak Chopra MD:

I don’t want to open the vast discussion of stress that now exists, except to make two limited points.

Stress isn’t good for you. The […]

Remote Workers!

There have been a lot of discussions about remote work lately, due to IBM’s recent decision to reverse its flexible work policy. Its CEO Ginny Rometty claimed that the move was done to “improve collaboration” and “accelerate innovation.” oh sure.

Whether you work remotely, or not, there are advantages to both policies. Several executives are […]

Work – Life Balance

Sometimes it happens, that you lose your BALANCE… you work so much that you have no social life, or you have kids, commitments, other “attention-grabbers” that NEED so much of your time, you don’t ever do anything for yourself.

In order to be the best that you can be at work, at home, and stay […]

Happiest Companies, Engaged Workers

Are you ready to hear about the “Best” companies to work for? Before we get started, I would guess that tech companies have the most fun, and companies embroiled in legislation, regualation, lawsuits, including customer disatisfaction would score the lowest. The various lists have different criteria, and no list is perfect (think election polls! […]

Amazon Work Rules

It is a different work culture…. one that puts productivity first… period.

It is not enough to work smart. That implies that you might eventually, take some time off. The NY Times wrote an article about the ethics, arrogance and addiction of Amazon (my words, not theirs). “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas inside a Bruising […]

Time off from Work

Everyone talks about this. It can make or break a company, it can lead to optimism, hard work and loyalty or exhaustion, low morale and lack of engagement. In big companies, it can vary from group to group. When you NEED time off, and you can get it, then life is good. Of course, I […]

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave Still a Pipe Dream?

According to the United States Department of Labor, illness-related work absences in January, 2013 were higher than they have been since 2008. Close to 2.9 million full-time workers reduced their hours to those of a part-time worker owing to medical appointments, illness or injuries, while another 1.2 million […]

Work Life Balance

Have you ever been in a job interview and they keep asking questions such as,

“How do you handle stress?” “How many hours of overtime do you typically work in a week?” or “Are you available for week-end work during projects?”

Do the red warning flags start waving? Maybe the interviewer is trying […]

Gadgets, Multi-tasking and Creativity

Work / Life Balance? In the heart of Silicon Valley every coffee shop is full of lap tops, PDAs and gadgets cramming the minimal space on the small tables. Of course it isn’t just here, everywhere the frenzy to get things done faster with technology is running the show.

Does it have an affect? Of […]