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Putting Our Heads Together – Collaboration

Artists, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Architects, Innovators! We all want to believe that if our work is good enough, we’ll be recognized for our creative genius. Whether as artists, entrepreneurs, or employees, we believe success is mostly a meritocracy. It isn’t. Who you know matters, and without the right connections, even the best work won’t get […]

Keynote Speaker: Storyteller Isabel Evans

Keynote Speakers are the movers and shakers, the popular ones, the folks with a vision. You may not be able to get to the conference, or there is no budget availalbe… but the keynote speech is almost always recorded for inspiration – marketing – grabbing eyes & wallets for the next year’s event. This keynote […]

Find the Freelance Web sites

List of “get work now” sites.

1. Upwork

Upwork has a variety of freelancing projects to choose from on their website, be it design, writing, sales, etc.

2. 99Designs

If design is your thing, sign up with 99Designs. Their website boasts a variety of design projects to work with, from business, to clothing and much […]

Mechanics Institute Library Events

Located in the heart of downtown SF, this wonderful private library is a gift to the city. It feels like a slice of old San Francisco, full of tradition and history. Learn more about it – consider joining.



There are MANY events here, check them out!



The Daily Muse – A Community

Writers! Write Right! Find out more!

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From MUSE: Want to be a better writer? (Of course you do!) We found one of the coolest tools out there that will instantly boost your writing skills.

Not sure if what you’ve written is correct or makes you sound […]