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The CrowdRise Giving Tower App

The Giving Tower app immerses you in a virtual reality world where you can interact with the Giving Tower and other iconic buildings from around the world. As the Tower reaches new heights, additional jaw-dropping virtual reality content will get unlocked.

Make a donation to support your favorite cause and watch the tower grow. If you’re one of the 1.6 million charities on CrowdRise, there is still time to launch a fundraiser and tell all of your supporters to give to your cause.
CrowdRise Tower

#GivingTuesday is December 1st. So, to get ready, here is a sneak peek at the new Giving Tower app.



There are prizes to win, vacations & trips and more.Every donation of $25 to any Giving Tower charity is an entry to win. So, a $100 donation = 4 entries. If you’re a charity, be sure to let all your supporters know they can donate for a chance to win.
CROWDRISE:  333 W. 7th Street, Suite 200, Detroit, MI, 48067, USA ·


Is YOUR EMPLOYER not Recognizing your pain?

What The Nursing Crisis Can Teach Any Industry About Employee Satisfaction

Nurses face low pay, long hours, and little recognition. What an industry in crisis can teach us about building a better workplace.

Not enough pay, long hours, an unmanageable workload, not enough staff, and lack of support from management. These frustrations are common among many workers, regardless of their industry or job level. They form the root cause of why so many U.S. workers are disengaged.

Link to the entire article

I’d say that teachers, office managers and Moms are in the same place…. lack of recognition, not much support or understanding, the company line is “There is not enough money to fix xxx….. but in the growth quarters with profits….. you get a “THANKS for your efforts”. What counts is an open and honest conversation. What counts is action.  – the editor


and here is another pithy quote from the article:

Last year, less than a third of workers reported being engaged in their jobs. The majority (51%) said they weren’t engaged, and nearly a quarter (17.5%) said they were “actively disengaged,” according to Gallup’s 2014 “State of the Global Workplace” report. A previous report indicated that this can cost our economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity.

The Top 4 Paying Tech Jobs For 2016

Are you saying JUST TELL ME? OK.  (Here’s the link for details from Stormwind.)

  1. Wireless Network Engineers
  2. Big Data Engineers
  3. Data Scientists
  4. Mobile app developers


If you didn’t make this list, don’t sweat it! Here is the comprehensive 2016 Salary Guide brought to you by Robert Half. You could be one certification, or one class away from reaching a new pay grade. Don’t hesitate. Live, HD Hollywood-Style IT Training is just a few clicks away. – See more click this link.

Or maybe you have had it with tech….. take a look at Board Match it could be just the thing to inspire you by becoming a volunteer board member of a non-profit you love.

Dogs and Thier Families – All Brave Heroes

Lt. Cassie Wyllie’s Apache helicopter — swooped in at just the right moment to save military author and historian John Bruning and others aboard a Chinook helicopter that had come under attack from the ground in Afghanistan.

War is not gentle. But our men and women that serve, even though they are “tough as nails”…. they have a gentle side, love in their heart, kindness towards others. When they deploy to a war torn, hateful, violent area of the world, they must find a way to keep their humanity. What better way to stay connected to home, patriotism, and family than to hang out with a fur-ball? A dog, a keeper of secrets, a pal  – so that when everyday is so tough and brutal there is sanctuary. Thank you to our HEROES, four-footed and two-footed!

That connection made in a war zone continues today as Wyllie (in Texas) and Bruning (in Oregon) provide homes for two dogs from the same litter that had been orphaned in Amman, Jordan.

Gwenie and Penny are among nearly 1,000 animals rescued to date by the Puppy Rescue Mission a Texas-based nonprofit founded in 2010 by a military wife. The group works to reunite U.S. soldiers with the pets they befriend in war zones around the world.

While stationed in Jordan, Wyllie found four starving pups in a makeshift den with no sign of their mother and quickly arranged for off-base foster care. But only Gwenie and Penny were strong enough to survive.

“It’s because of Cassie that I learned about efforts to find homes for Gwenie and Penny,” Bruning says. “About this time last year, she got Penny, and I got Gwenie — both of whom have proved wonderful additions to our families. I know that neither Gwenie nor I would even be alive today here without Cassie.”

The Puppy Rescue Mission team in Chicago also occasionally drives dogs to owners whose homes are in the Midwest.

Wyllie, retired from the Army as a captain and now preparing to become a K-9 cop, says she can’t thank Puppy Rescue Mission and its volunteers enough. “They were tender and loving with Gwenie and Penny all along the way — great animal lovers and patriots.”

Adds Bruning, “Gwenie is a reminder of my bond with Cassie and what we experienced over in Afghanistan. Gwenie’s also a devoted companion whose bond with me has grown exceptionally close over the past six months. We have explored the Coast Range together, wandered the woods around Detroit Lake, taken walks among the ruins of Camp Adair, and shared many moments on the Oregon coast. None would have been possible without Puppy Rescue Mission.”

Read more about Wyllie, Bruning, and their dogs in Bruning’s American Warriors blog.  

Wyllie and Penny also are featured on a Holiday Sparkle card in the Puppy Rescue Mission’s 2015 seasonal holiday greeting card collection, which serve as a fundraiser for the nonprofit.


PuppyRescueMissionCalendar2016 PuppyRescueMissionCards

Who is Inspired? Stormwind is!!!

I open up my email, ready for the onslaught of deadlines, demands and…. I see this….

Stormwind Training offer.png

Every day is a blessing, and it would be an even bigger blessing to be able to train you and your team. We’ve teamed up with Feeding America to spread the love even more. Here’s $2000 to help get the training you need, and we’ll donate over 2000 meals to  less fortunate families when you register. It’s a win win win. Giving is everything.

It was posted by Julie Aria Client Amazement for STORMWIND

This company provides IT Training, they can bring your team together. Add skills and … inspiration….  They regularly have great information and insights.  If you’d like your “socks knocked off” try them, they make it a regular practice.


Must Read: Five Personal Development Myths


Self-help and personal development are big business, but lasting change doesn’t come as quickly and easily as we’ve been led to believe.

Would you like to improve your relationships with people? How about adopting better work-life balance? Of course we’d all like to improve some aspect of our lives, but the answer to all of your life’s woes may not lie in a single self-help book.

Personal development is big business. There are plenty of books and workshops that promise to change your life in five quick and easy steps. But before investing your time, money, and energy in programs that promise to give your life a new start, John Vespasian, author of On Becoming Unbreakable: How Normal People Become Extraordinarily Self-Confident, says we need to be aware of the myths and misconceptions about personal development if we want to make real change in our lives.

Myth No. 1: You Can Substantially Improve Your Life Through Mind Hacks

There are plenty of quick-fix plans for personal development; from “The top 5 things successful people eat for breakfast” to “The 10 best ways to overcome a bad mood.” “Mind hacks are the equivalent of phrase books when you are learning a new language,” says Vespasian.

You may memorize a few sentences, but you won’t become fluent in the language. Mind hacks may bring some small improvement to your life, but they’re unlikely to lead to major improvements. Just like adopting a language requires learning the structure of the language, the key to long-term personal improvement is about learning better principles.

Myth No. 2: Positive Thinking Is The Best Philosophy For Personal Development

When The Secret came out, it flew off the shelf and skyrocketed to best-seller status. The promise that you could improve your life simply by thinking positively is enticing, but Vespasian says the truth is that rationality is the only workable approach to personal development.

“Optimism is a healthy, wonderful philosophy as long as you keep your common sense,” he says. Subjectivist phrases such as, “If you think it, you can do it,” and “Everything is possible if you just go for it,” are common among those who tout the powers of positive thinking.

While Vespasian says ambitions are great, he notes that not everyone has the skills to be an opera singer or ballet dancer. “You have to look at your resources and your personal situation and at the market to see if you can really move in the direction you want,” he says. Rationality, he says, allows people to maintain a balance between dreams and reality.

Myth No. 3: You Can Attend A Two-Day Seminar That Will Change Your Life

“Two-day seminars are great for learning specific skills, but not for learning wide-ranging principles,” says Vespasian. Personal development, he argues, is about improving essential thinking patterns. “You cannot learn a better philosophy in two days because the human mind is highly resilient to changing its essential patterns.”

A two-day seminar on how to increase your self-esteem isn’t going to mean you’ll instantly be awash in confidence. “Personal development cannot be achieved overnight,” says Vespasian. For most people, these important changes take several months, if not longer.

Myth No. 4: There’s A Guru Out There With The Perfect Formula For Personal Development

Many authors and speakers claim to have the answer to all of your personal woes. While Vespasian says reading different viewpoints and ideas is how we learn and grow as a society, he warns that there’s no one formula for personal success.

“You have to assess what people tell you and see if it makes sense in your personal circumstances,” he says. No one formula is a fit for every circumstance. “You can learn good ideas and examples from other people, but your path to personal development is going to be unique.”

Myth No. 5: Personal Development Is Going To Make Your Life Smooth

True personal development is likely to disrupt your life and won’t be a smooth transition. If you boost your self-esteem substantially, for example, the increase in confidence may lead you to apply for a job in another city, or quit your job altogether and start your own business.

True personal development, says Vespasian, often results in grand life changes. While mind hacks may give you some small improvements in your life, they keep your life pretty much as it is. True personal development, however, enables you to identify your lifelong dreams and pursue them. That’s a huge shift that is anything but smooth.

Three Military-Tested Techniques To Improve your Decision Making

The U.S. Navy empowers individuals at the lowest levels to make important decisions, including the wrong ones.

“Captain, to the bridge.”

Mike LeFever, captain of the USS Destroyer, was abruptly awoken to these words at 3 a.m. to learn that a newly appointed officer had nearly crashed a $100 million cruiser into a fishing boat. As LeFever approached the officer, he could see a bead of sweat running down the young man’s neck. First, LeFever asked a set of rapid-fire questions: “What happened? Is anybody hurt? Is the ship okay?”

The officer answered concisely but still braced for the worst. Instead, he heard, “What did you learn? Let’s talk about this in the morning. You have three more hours on watch duty.” Then LeFever returned to his quarters.

Unlike in many—or even most—organizations, the military is relentlessly focused on developing the decision-making abilities of its personnel through empowerment. “If you take care of the people,” LeFever, who retired as a vice admiral after a more than 30-year Navy career, told me when we spoke recently, “the people will take care of you and perform the mission.”

Success Depends On People

In this view, people—their skills, expertise, and judgment under pressure—are inseparably linked with the success or failure of every undertaking. LeFever defines empowerment as delegating responsibility, and then allowing people broad freedom of action—permitting them to succeed or fail.

LeFever could have decided to use the interaction with the young officer on the bridge to dress him down in front of his subordinates. But he recognized that that served little purpose. The incident had already occurred. What mattered now was to make sure that the officer learned from this experience so he could prevent it from happening again.

The idea of empowerment is challenging enough when failure means missing a product deadline, but handing off that kind of decision-making when failure could mean a loss of lives? That takes a different level of trust altogether. Yet the military faces many similar challenges that organizations do when it comes to investing that trust in individuals:

  • Constantly changing teams, as military units are continually created and disbanded
  • Geographic separation, with personnel on almost every continent and teams varying in size from two people to tens of thousands
  • Rigid promotion requirements and dismissal protocol

The military still manages to enable individual decision-making not despite these challenges, but in order to counteract their potentially detrimental effects. In other words, only by cultivating leaders at all levels is such a large, complex organization able to maintain its effectiveness at scale.

“The hardest part of being a leader,” LeFever says, “is allowing other people to do that job, because they probably won’t do it the way that you want it. My goal was to provide guidance and boundaries.”

The military’s rigid organizational systems are designed to create the boundaries that are most likely to enable decisive action, not prevent it. These are a few of them.

1. Continual Assessment

After every mission, the Navy conducts an “after action report.” The process is designed to determine what happened in a given incident and why. Officers across different continents scrutinize events, debate and defend decisions, and resolve conflicting understandings of the scenario in order to learn how better to approach similar ones in the future.

2. Mentorship

The Navy’s mentorship program epitomizes the organization’s way of creating empowerment through clearly defined working processes. Not only does the Navy assign formal mentors, it also encourages sailors to seek out informal mentors on their own. These mentors then set quantifiable milestones for young officers to work toward short- and long-term goals.

The concept of a formal mentor is foreign to most entrepreneurs—especially during startups’ early days. When a company has three people and a product nobody’s ever heard of, where would a formal mentor even come from? You have to seek them on your own. When my cofounder and I first began to target film studio partners for our startup ReelSurfer, neither of us had ever worked with one. So I cold-emailed everyone from our alma mater’s alumni list who had entertainment experience. From one of these emails we formed an amazing relationship with a Hollywood producer, who then helped us start conversations and negotiate deals we’d never have been able to do on our own.

Not only can a mentor help guide you in our own decision-making, giving you the confidence to take action in difficult circumstances, they can also help create the situations that allow you to exercise (and, over time, improve) your judgment in the first place.

3. Team Composition

How a team is put together also has an impact on how empowered its individual members can become to make tough calls effectively.

When LeFever first joined the Navy, its personnel strategy revolved around skill requirements, commonly referred to as “Fill.” Finding that strategy wanting, LeFever proposed a new policy, “Fit and Fill,” which combined skill requirements and team chemistry.

This is an area many entrepreneurs and business leaders struggle with when forming new teams. It isn’t always easy to balance cultural fit and expertise. Startup founders are often overzealous simply to hire the smartest people they know. But sometimes the most brilliant people clash with each other or scoff at doing some of the less glamorous work. Members of poorly composed teams might not hesitate to make decisions, but they’re more liable to do so independently, less effectively, and without enough regard for the team’s unifying goals.

Truthfully, before speaking with Captain LeFever, my understanding of leadership development in the military stretched about as far as the drill sergeant scene in Full Metal Jacket. I thought of the military as a rigidly hierarchal, top-down organization. We like to think of the tech world as the complete opposite. But in reality, it’s a focus on leadership development through empowerment at the lowest possible level that allows the military to operate at the scale and excellence that it does. That’s a lesson more businesses would do well to take to heart.

Neil Joglekar is an entrepreneur and investor currently working as director of product for the McChrystal Group. Follow him on Twitter @njcar.

The No Barriers Team

Walk with Warriors2From a group I respect and suggest……. yes I joined them and walked too:

This group supports Veteran’s from all branches of service to come together as a TEAM and summit mountains, they work to overcome disabilities and pain, and they triumph as a team. We – the community where YOU live- support them with donations and by walking with them (they supply fitbits so we can track our steps too) and log our miles to show our support. Yesterday, I walked over 10,000 steps with joy in my heart, I knew I was part of a community to support our Vets. Big thanks from me to No Barriers.

 The Warriors Strong Pledge link.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we ask you to:

  1. Continue to walk in honor of all of our servicemen and women. We just surpassed our goal of walking the Earth’ circumference [24,901 miles] let’s keep it up!
  2. Ask your community to donate to your campaign.  Your donations are matched TODAY thanks to Three Bridges, and fundraising rewards will continue to be fulfilled through the end of November.
  3. Thank one of our nation’s heroes for their service. They risk their lives for our freedom.
  4. Ask your friends to Take the Warrior Strong Pledge. Commit to supporting all of our veterans as they fight overseas and as they return home. You have already taken the pledge when you signed up to Walk, now pass the word!

Walk with honor,

The No Barriers Team


Broadsheet – Loads of Great Information

Where do you get your information? If you are just looking at the “trending” on Google, you are certainly missing out. In this day of news articles that are poorly researched and inflamatory, I’d suggest a wide variety of sources for YOUR interests. You must be your own fact-checker. This newsletter provides a wide variety of articles about women. I love it! Brought to you by FORTUNE writer, Kristen Bellstrom.

Thanks Shirley for sharing this!

Share today’s Broadsheet with a friend:

Here is a quick sample:

  • Win some, lose some.Good news for married moms: A new study finds that married women with children have higher median salaries than single moms and women without kids. Now, the bad news: The gender wage gap between these women and their male counterparts (married men with kids) is larger than the gap in any other cohort.  Fortune
  • Meet Ruby.GoldieBlox, the girl-focused toy company, has launched Ruby Rails, a new female action figure named for the programming language Ruby on Rails. The company introduced the toy with a cool stop-motion video, in which she plays male heroes like James Bond and Marty McFly. Time

Celebrate Veteran’s Day 2015

First of all, THANK A VETERAN or Active Duty Military for serving our country.  Just do it.


Fly a Flag. IF you live in the U.S.A be proud of our country.

If you think your respect AND  caring doesn’t matter…. take a walk through the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno.

Make a plan to get involved in your community. There are many ways to serve…. even if you are not in the military. Volunteer. Make America Great!

2015 Veterans’ Day Free Walking Tours   (more details here)

Speaking of Walking, this is a GREAT Organization.

Here is the link:  NO BARRIERS.

Learn about them below, support them by walking, getting involved, send a contribution.

Here is what some of the No Barriers Warriors will be doing“On this Veteran’s Day, I will serve my fellow Colorado Springs Veterans by organizing a Veteran’s Day Veterans Group Ride.” – Mike D., Colorado Collegiate Range Veterans Expedition

“On this Veteran’s Day, I will take time to sit and reflect on my military service and plan ways I can keep serving my community. As veterans, I think it is important for our sanity and the good of others that we harness our desire to serve and use it for others around us.” – Darisse, Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains, NY Veteran Expedition

On this Veteran’s Day, I will choose to not let my PTSD make me a statistic. The number 22 is embedded in my brain. I think about it every day and constantly fight away from being added to that number. I think about my friends who have made the decision to succumb to their PTSD. I will chose to show others that there is hope. Hope beyond becoming just another number. Hope beyond PTSD.” – CarrieAnn, Grand Canyon Veteran Wilderness Expedition

The Walk with the Warriors campaign has logged thousands of miles, walked by Vets and the community. Let’s make this the biggest week yet leading up to Veteran’s Day and show our Warriors just how much their sacrifice means to us.

Walk with honor,

The No Barriers Team