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National Volunteer Week: April 12-18

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration observed in the United States and in Canada in mid to late April, to promote and show appreciation for volunteerism in the two countries. This year it is observed April 12-18.

National Volunteer Week was first conceived in Canada in 1943 as a way to celebrate the contribution made by women on the home front to the war effort. After World War II ended, National Volunteer Week declined in popularity until the 1960s when it revived and eventually began gaining popularity in the United States as well, where it is organized by the Point of Light foundation.

National Volunteer Week in the United States was first established via Presidential Proclamation signed by Richard Nixon in 1974. Former President George H. W. Bush showed his support of American volunteering in his 1991 State of the Union Address, commending “a volunteer’s generous gesture”, and calling it “an idea that is simply right.” A National Volunteer Week new proclamation has been issued by the American President each year since the holiday’s inception.


There are many opportunities to Volunteer. You can Join a Board of Directors – See BoardMatch.

You can help at a local school, or join the PTA at the school that your children go to.

You can help out at an event, ask a vendor or group you are interested if they could use a hand. Offer to get involved with Blue Star Moms (support for our troops) or ask an elderly neighbor if they need something fixed or a ride somewhere. It can be as organized or as personal as you wish.


And YOU get $70,000!!

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price has announced that he plans to raise the base pay of every employee to at least $70,000 per year over the next three years.

Dan Price accepts the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the GeekWire Awards in 2013.

According to the New York Times, Price told his entire staff on Monday of the change. They report that Price began to contemplate the idea after reading an article on happiness: “It showed that, for people who earn less than about $70,000, extra money makes a big difference in their lives.”

How is Price going to be able to pay his 120 staffers this respectable wage?

He told the Times that he will cut his own salary of nearly $1 million to $70,000 per year, and use 75 to 80 percent of the company’s annual estimated $2.2 million in profits from this year to fund the raises. They report that it will affect about 70 employees’ wages, with “30 ultimately doubling their salaries, according to Ryan Pirkle, a company spokesman. The average salary at Gravity is $48,000 year.”

 This is a very interesting idea. What is your work worth? Is at the heart of this creative move by Dan Price. At Zappo’s they are allowing (or maybe forcing) their employees to enter into a competitive arena where they list their skills and take bids on the value of those skills. Other companies lose employees, because it appears that the only way to  get a raise …. is to change jobs.  I wonder, does it really matter how much you make, it seems most people adjust their expectations to their income very quickly. So when is enough …… enough?   — the editor

Healthy Living Newsletter



April 2015 Healthy Living Newsletter <>

The American Cancer Society has a great newsletter – full of healthy tips and free.  Sign up on their website to get a monthly copy.- the editor

Get Involved!   This month we’re celebrating approximately 2.5 million American Cancer Society volunteers. Why not join them? A few hours of your time could have a huge impact on someone affected by cancer. Explore volunteer opportunities today and find the right one for you.

  Choose Chickpeas   Chickpeas aren’t just for vegetarians – they’re a versatile legume that can be added to salads or soups for a tasty boost of fiber. You can blend them with olive oil, tahini, and other spices to make your own hummus using our easy-to-follow recipe.

  Get More Out of Your Workout   Adding interval training to your exercise routine is an excellent way to burn more calories and improve your heart and lung health without spending any extra time. We’ll show you how to get started.

Tortured by EXCEL?

For the entire enlightening article – start here.

Just the references alone, may make you relax, take a deep breath and quietly whisper….. wow….. it’s not just ME!

  1. “Microsoft’s Excel Might Be The Most Dangerous Software On The Planet,”
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  3. “Spreadsheet blunders costing business billions,”
  4. “Eight of the Worst Spreadsheet Blunders,”
  5. “The Dirty Dozen,”
  6. “88% of spreadsheets have errors,”
  7. “The True Cost of Excel,”

Collaborative Economy

This is a great email on our collaborative economies, networks and social media. Jeremiah Owyang continually has the insights and understanding to help us want to get involved and learn more!   Check out his website here.

Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2.0

MAKE SURE to take a look at the table of various groups, the first one on Learning is excellent and there are 11 more:

Families Sub Classes Example Startup URL
Peer to Peer
Khan Academy

Wartime Tail – Wells Fargo Story

Wells Fargo Stories have a variety of topics. Our team members at Wells Fargo, support the Puppy Rescue Mission, with a Community Support donation.  Bringing those dogs that stayed with our soldiers during their deployment back HOME with those soldiers is a BIG DEAL. Yes,  a big furry happy tail-wagging deal…. you can tell from the photos.

Linda’s illustration for the Puppy Rescue Mission’s rescue stories page.   Linda’s illustration for the Puppy Rescue Mission’s rescue stories page.    Anna Cannan created the Puppy Rescue Mission in 2010 after her fiancée, Army Sgt. Chris Chiasson, befriended a group of dogs living at the Army outpost where he was stationed in Afghanistan.

We vote on our favorites, and THIS one is a landslide favorite with over 50% of the votes. Posting it here!

Linda’s illustration for the Puppy Rescue Mission’s rescue stories page.

The Wall is Coming

The Wall That Heals visits San Bruno, CA

The Wall That Heals is coming to the  Golden Gate National Cemetery for 4 days of events and activities dedicated to honoring and remembering veterans.  – See more details, click here.  The Wall is open 24 hours a day and this exhibition is free.

Image result for the wall that heals


Time: Thursday, April 9, 2015 8:00 AM – Monday, April 13, 2015

Short video:

The Opening Ceremony – Thursday April 9 at 10 a.m.

Would you like to get involved? Volunteers are needed.

If anyone wants to volunteer there are positions as docents (greeters) and security (watchers) the wall is never left alone so the security is 24/7.

George Smith – coordinator for security

Jeff Herndon — coordinator for docents

Location: Golden Gate National Cemetery (San Bruno, CA)

1300 Sneath Lane

San Bruno, CA 94066


When VVMF built The Wall in 1982, it had an important mission: To honor Vietnam Veterans and heal the wounds of a nation. Three decades later, the mission continues as we raise funds to build the Education Center at The Wall. The Education Center will educate future generations and honor America’s Legacy of Service, including those serving in our nation’s Armed Forces today.

It is coming to the Bay Area, visiting the Golden Gate National Cemetery. This is the half-sized traveling replica of The Wall that is permanently located in Washington DC, the traveling wall is  known as The Wall That Heals.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has a schedule for the traveling wall.

Image result for the wall that heals  Image result for the wall that heals  Image result for the wall that heals

You may be able to travel to see The Wall in Washington DC, there are many events and ceremonies, so please take a look.

Please join the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund for the In Memory Weekend, Saturaday June 20, 2015 – Sunday June 21, 2015

See’s Fundraiser for CSM Nursing Students

It’s a sweet treat…. Chocolate Easter Eggs from See’s and best of all the proceeds benefit our hardworking

Nursing Students at College of San Mateo. 

Each Chocolate Egg is $6.20

A Easter decorated box of Nuts and Chews is $18.50

You can also order a one pound Gift Certificate for $19.90

To get Your Beautiful eggs…. order some…. contact Jess at

Sees Fundraiser 2015




There’s an app for That


Time and money saving apps to kick your resolution into high gear
Grow your $ in 2015, and fortunately technology is here to assist. Below are a few great free money enhancing apps to consider

Home Free Shared from Home Free USA
1) Mint ( – I love this app! It tracks my income and expenses and lets me know when I’ve reached or exceeded my budget. It also shows my spending patterns over time, and is a one stop shop for checking all my account balances (including checking, savings, retirement and credit cards).

2) Saved Plus ( – this is a great way to save every day. A pre-determined percentage is automatically withdrawn and deposited into your savings or retirement account whenever you swipe your card. If you spend $100 at the grocery store for example, and have committed to saving 10%, the app automatically sends $10 to your savings account.According to the owners of Saved Plus, this app has been saving the average user about $350 per month since launching in May 2014.

3) Wallaby ( users can load their credit cards into the Wallaby virtual wallet, which will then tell you which of your cards should be used to benefit from that specific purchase. For example, one of your credit cards may offer cash back when you buy gas; the app will remind you to use that specific card as you’re going to fill up. All you have to do is tell the app where you’re shopping. You can also set preferences, like to tell you once the balance has hit 60% of your credit limit – an online financial advisor service that’s free for accounts with assets between $5,000 and $10,000 (not available for investing less than $5k). Based on your investment goals and risk tolerance, this app determines how best to allocate your money across low cost index exchange traded funds that invest in stocks, bonds and commodities around the globe. It monitors and rebalances the portfolio to maintain your target allocation.

Optimism Quotient – Construction industry

This is part of a document that Wells Fargo publishes based on trends in construction.  Naming and focus along with great graphics tell the story. There are many books to guide you, Presentation Zen is a good one, it explores graphics, layout and audience responses.  The best advice is stick to a theme (colors, font, graphics, callouts, format), go from simple to more complex with clear explanations, and supportive “call-outs”. The charts shouldn’t be identical but they need to look related.

presentation zen


Many groups do this, as a way to show growth and outlook.  The time periods can be different but using a easy to read  scale can make the chart understandable. Thinking about the tone of business is important.

Several charts are included that drill down into the details – each with coordinated colors and graphics that pull you in.






Optimism in Construction example

In my group, we usually give statuses that concentrate on problems that are outstanding. It is helpful for everyone, however, to have a longer view, a set of charts or a presentation that describe where we are going or what is happening in the big picture.